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Project Management

  • Project management for all size and types of projects, from a minor modification to a complete vehicle design, manufacture, test, approval and delivery

  • Management of Engineering Changes, from minor through to significant

  • Liaison with relevant bodies, e.g. ORR, DfT, NRAP, RSL, HS1, CTRL etc.

  • Liaison with approval bodies e.g. NoBo, DeBo, AsBo, VeBo

  • Management of the NoBo, DeBo, AsBo, VeBo submission process providing a clear boundary between parties and clear visibility of costs for this aspect

  • Project management for delivering bespoke site projects

  • Ensuring that project outputs are delivered to timescales and meet agreed requirements including standards and regulatory requirements

  • Chairing meetings and liaison with appropriate project stakeholders to ensure that actions are clearly defined and agreed

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