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A freight customer had a new bogie overhaul supplier and asked Belper Rail to represent their interests in the new set up.

Belper Rail were responsible for the following activities:

  • Technical

    • Inspections of incoming bogies

    • Field inspections to aid in the identification of materials

    • Development of bills of materials

    • Development of the existing bogie overhaul specifications

    • Creation of new bogie overhaul specifications

    • Practical “hands on” engineering advice and guidance

    • Agreeing additional work on behalf of the customer

    • Ensuring any issues arising were addressed, documented and managed

    • Configuration management

    • Site visits to witness the installation of the completed bogies

    • Making recommendations to improve subsequent bogie overhaul activities

  • Quality

    • Undertaking a QMS audit of the supplier in accordance with RIS-2450-RST (FTC/BS/005)

    • Undertaking inspections of completed bogies

    • Review of overhaul document packs

  • Project Management

    • Management of timescales for outputs

    • Checking progress on material supply

    • Reporting progress back to the customer

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